Freight at terminal


The following are Horizon’s general requirements for applicant-drivers to haul freight under its authority*. While the comprehensive FMCSA regulations set the industry standard in qualifying safe and capable drivers, Horizon has elected to strive for a higher standard as part of its continued commitment to safety.

As such, drivers should ideally meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 23 years old;
  • Possess a Class A CDL for at least (2) years. Military driving experience may count in place of (1) year with Class A CDL. A Class A CDL may not be required for box trucks, yard movers, and similar equipment;
  • Minimum of (2) years tractor trailer experience (either over-the-road or local work). Military experience may count toward (1) year of experience. This requirement may not apply to box trucks, yard movers, and similar equipment;
  • Not have an excessive number of convictions for moving violations in a CMV in the past (3) years;
  • No more than (3) preventable “DOT Recordable” accidents in the last (3) years;
  • No preventable rollovers within the last (3) years;
  • No preventable accidents resulting in fatalities;
  • No felony convictions related to the use of a CMV;
  • No drug violations of any kind in the last (5) years. Beyond (5) years may still be reviewed;
  • No DUI’s in the last (5) years, personal vehicle included;
  • All other convictions not mentioned will be subject to review.

*The above minimum requirements are referred to as Horizon’s “general” requirements in qualifying and signing-on safe competent drivers pursuant to its continuing commitment to safety. However, Horizon recognizes that circumstances do exist where a driver may not meet the above stringent criteria and still be a good qualified applicant. These exceptional circumstances are many, and it will be the personal determination of the Safety Director whether such exceptional circumstances exist when an applicant does not strictly meet the above heightened criteria.

Questions? Contact Horizon Applications at 800-480-6829 Ext. 6182 or